Community Building

A first rule for a successsful business is to keep regular hours.  It can be 8 to 5, Monday through Friday, or any other combination of hours and days. Erratic hours signal an unreliable business.  


What about our local communities — and the many organizations of a civic society -- committed to nurturing, supporting, and inspiring us. How do we build community? Strange as it seems, thriving communities must also keep regular hours.

It is not enough keep occasional hours — and event here, a festival there. The community needs to nurture, support and inspire us more than monthly or weekly. It needs to celebrate, engage, encounter us just about every day.

But how?


The community articulates its unique identity as a story that encompasses its uniqueness and diversity.  It draws on the past, brings it into day-to-day living, and moves towards a richer and fuller future as the story evolves and deepens.

Communities can be divided and fragmented for many reasons.  But there are ways to create narratives that put aside the divisions and invite us to enjoy being togehter.  This cafe owner humorously created this sign with that purpose in mind:

cafe open

Every community is composed of both of complementary and competing narratives. But there is always a bigger picture, a more engaging story, that encompasses everyone.  When that story can be identified and told, then a community can nurture, support and inspire everyone.  It is then open - not just for business - but “now open for a better life."

The American Center for Storytelling and Narrative Art provides training and consultation services for community building by identifying the “Core Story at the Heart of Your Community".

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