Festivals & Special Events


Festivals that can be staged anywhere can be identified as commodities much like coffee or fuel oil.  Take a theme — Blues, Folk, Theatre, etc — and place the name of one of the 50 states in front of it.  Those festivals are generic.  They may generate business profits, but they little to reflect the local community or affirm its identity.

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An authentic festival cannot be duplicated since the ground where it stands, and the people who live there with their many gifts, cannot be cloned. And if it is grounded in an authentic history, it will deepen the Core Story of the community.


Therefore, annual festivals must be chosen with restraint, and scheduled in harmony with the weather and local seasons. A Maple Sugaring festival cannot be scheduled in Louisiana, nor can it be scheduled in August.  

The American Center for Storytelling and Narrative Art provides training and consultation services for telling your Core story through unique festivals. 

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