The Storytelling Fabric of the Local Community


Festivals are magnets that pull together clusters of small events. For example, a community by the sea may have a yearly festival supplemented by events connected with the sea:  


Boatbuilding, lighthouses, naval battles, fishing, trade and smggling, shipwrecks, forts, early settlements, indigeneous people, nautical sports, etc.  All these themes can be specialized small events on the yearly calendar.  


Poems, novels, paintings, sea-chanties, handcrafts and other artistic expressions of life in a seaport could extend the range of tours, educational seminars, reserch projects, historic preservation, and economic development that would cluster around the Core story of the community. 

Winslow Homer - Long Branch, New Jersey


The American Center for Storytelling and Narrative Art provides training and consultation services for strengthening the storytelling fabric of your community. 

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Dr. Robert Béla Wilhelm

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