Cultural Tourism

The actual place where events once unfolded may be “hallowed" or “accursed", but that site is never just a “neutral” place.  

Nor is that place merely a visual site — a place that we look at with our eyes and our cameras. It is so easy to equate sites with sights. Rather, this place is where we need not only to see, but to stand, to be attentive, and most of all  to listen.

And storytelling is the best doorway into that historic place.  Storytelling is a sound chamber echoing and reverberating with memories softly whispered, clearly spoken, or excitedly shouted. Storytelling is history, legend, and myth that make a “place” come alive in our imagination. 

allowed Ground

And who tells the story of a historic place? Creative storytelling needs tour guides,  museum docents, historical re-enactors. And how can their presentations authentically open the door that leads the listener to stand on the ground that is both Past and Present… and a Future rich in possibilities.

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