Mentorships & Coaching for Narrative Artists: Major Creative Project or Ongoing Coaching


The mentorship program is focused on either:  A Major creative project in storytelling and narrative art completed by the mentee under the guidance of the mentor. Or, Ongoing coaching as the need arises. Otherwise, there are no time or course requirements.  

Master Classes (in Florida of West Virginia) may be taken for background and enrichment, but the heart of the major creative project is the one-to-one collaborative tutorial relationship between the mentor and the mentee, or alternately working on a specific issue as the need arises.

The mentorship or coaching are neither degree nor a certification programs, all of which focus on completing a quantity of requirements, mostly external to the creative process.  

Rather, it is a dynamic process focusing on the quality of vision of the mentee, and achieves its goal in the creation of tangible results in the real world.

The major creative project may be completed in a few months, or in a few years.  As it moves from proposal to completion, the mentor and mentee are involved in an intense process of monitoring and adjusting the project together. Coaching can be done at anytime when there is a need.

Dr. Robert Béla Wilhelm is available to be your mentor or coach, if you wish to pursue your creative vision as a storyteller or narrative artist. 

Please contact me if you have questions or comments.

Dr. Robert Béla Wilhelm

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