Our People: Storytelling Elders

Masters in the narrative arts — Storytelling Elders who have served their communities over the many years — will be invited to offer online and residential events reflecting our three goals:

1. Ethnic, Indigenous & Western Civilization storytelling elders who can authentically invite people to experience and understand their traditions.

2. Religious storytelling Elders from Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Buddhist, and Hinduism who can authentically and reverently enrich others without proslytizing.

3. Master storytelling Elders who can guide and teach others to master the art & craft of traditional storytelling.


The American Center will list these Elders and their current offerings with links to their own websites.  This will take a few months extending into 2018.

Arrangements will be between these Elders and their prospective students.  No financial transactions will occur between ACSNA and them. 

However, successfully completed work with the elders will be accepted towards the mentorship program at ACSNA directed by Dr. Robert Béla Wilhelm


Elders will be chosen by the Director of ACSNA.  They should be 50 years or older, honored and respected by their communities, rooted in traditional narrative art-forms, and deeply respectful of all ethnic, indigenous, religious traditons as well as the heritage of Western Civilization.


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